This New Song Called ‘Chemical’ Features A Half-Man, Half-Dog Who…

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Singer Marc Kinchen, who is also an American DJ and is best known for his initials MK, released a new song called “Chemical.” Along with the song is a music video featuring a half-man and a half-dog.

– A new song called “Chemical” was released by MK.
– Along with the song is a music video.
– The music video centers on a half-man, half-dog main character who…

The music video was directed by Aube Perrie and it revolves around the story of the half-man, half-dog main character. He has a girlfriend and initially, he was loyal to him. He even has the words “Loyal To One” tattooed across his chest and the name of his girlfriend, Thea, tattooed on his fingers. Such loyalty is portrayed as the main characteristic of a doggo reflected on the man.

Later in the video, he finds himself attracted towards one of the customers he serves at his fast food joint. Perrie said of the creation of the video, “To me the song was really about an unbearably intense attraction that turns into an obsession, which felt right away like a very fertile ground inspiration-wise.” Perrie added that the main character was “doomed to be unfaithful in his thoughts, no matter how much cheating is against his nature.”


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