Want To Help Boost Your Doggo’s Mood And Happiness? You Might Want To Grab A Copy Of This New Music

A dog with headphones on

It has been proven in a lot of studies and researches that doggos are happier, calmer, and less stressed when they listen to music. Because of this, two companies took advantage of such findings and came up with new music, which is said to help boost a doggo’s mood and happiness.

Music is great for dogs especially soft rock and reggae genres.
– Because of this, two companies worked together to come up with a unique track.
– The track hopes to improve a dog’s…

The music was created by an insurance company called MORE TH>N and PitPat. They reportedly took into consideration all the studies saying which types of music are best played for doggos. Thus, the music that they came up with has a reggae-style sound. Most of the sounds that could be heard from the track are different dog whistles, horns, and more. The words of the song, on the other hand, are the usual words and phrases that dogs hear such as “good boy.”

The track also inspires dog owners to play with their dogs first before paying the music.


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