New Club For Dog Lovers Had An Event With Live Music, Food, And Many More

Dogs attending an event with their owners

A new club in Kansas City, Missouri has been organized. The members are dog lovers and they had their first ever meeting just this Wednesday.

– A new club in Kansas City, Missouri for African American dog owners has been organized.
– It is called Black Dog Lovers’ Club of Kansas City.
– They had their first meeting at…

The event was hosted at Bar K and during the first ever meeting of the group called Black Dog Lovers’ Club of Kansas City, there was live music, food, and a lot of other activities. The event was free and started at 6 P.M. through 9 P.M.

The goal of the organization was to bridge the racial divides in the area as well as to break down the stereotypes about African American dog owners because many still believe they only own pit bulls. The group also hopes to diversify Bar K, which is a dog park and a restaurant. The co-founder and co-owner of Bar K said he hopes his business will be more inclusive now that there is a new organization addressing racial divides in dog owners.


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