People Cannot Get Enough Of Netflix’s ‘Dogs’ – Here Are The Best Doggos That People Are Going Gaga Over

A dog being groomed at a dog show

Netflix just launched the first part of their “Dogs” documentary and people cannot get enough of the adorable pooches in the six-part show. Many dogs were featured but there are definitely doggos that stood out.

– Netflix’s “Dogs” aired the first episode of their six-part documentary.
– The first episode is called “Scissors Down.”
– One of the most remarkable dogs in the first episode is named…

One of which is Tinkerbell – who is a spoiled doggo and is the client of the master groomer in the episode called “Scissors Down.” The dog has a lot of champagne and the level of confidence of this doggo is just amazing. Another remarkable dog from the episode is Zeke. Initially, the dog owner did not do well as to grooming her doggo but after lots of practice and patience, Zeke is now this beautiful two-toned dog.

“Dogs” is not all about glitz and glam because Jimmy Buffett’s story is a tear-jerker. The dog was initially depressed and hypothermic when he was rescued in Texas. When he made it to New York, he was adopted by another family and he became a whole new dog.


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