Musicians Are Spending A Lot Of Time With Their Dogs, Other Pets During This Quarantine

A pitbull mix

Many musicians are using this time of being isolated at home to spend time with their dogs and other pets. Some of these musicians are Cee Lo Green, Lady Gaga, Barbra Streisand, Billie Eilish, and many more. Most of them posted about their fur babies on their social media accounts.

– Many musicians are spending some time with their doggos and other pets.
– Some of them are Cee Lo Green, Lady Gaga, Barbra Streisand, and Billie Eilish.
– Lady Gaga said that she wanted to visit her parents but…

Streisand posted a photo of her doggo hiding under the sheets. The singer said that the dog is hiding from all the news regarding the coronavirus and that she assured her fur baby that everything will be alright. Eilish, on the other hand, was spotted walking outside with her new pit bull. She initially fostered two pit bull puppies but decided to adopt one.

Rapper Cee Lo Green filmed a message to help raise funds for doggos and other pets as well as pet owners who are having a difficult time during this pandemic. In the video, he was with his doggo named Zu. Singer Lady Gaga also posted a photo of her with her three dogs. She said that she wanted to see her parents and grandmas but it’s much safer if she stayed home and chilled out with her fur babies.


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