Are You A Musician? If Yes, Do You Want To Help Abused Dogs, Animals?

Dogs at a shelter visited by a volunteer

The Humane Society of Northwest Indiana (HSNI) needs your help. If you are a musician or you know someone who loves music, you could lend a hand to help the abused doggos and other animals under the care of the humane society.

– The Humane Society of Northwest Indiana was supposed to have a Pet Rock concert/auction.
– It was cancelled due to the coronavirus.
– The Humane Society has a project called Hope’s Fund and to raise funds for this…

The HSNI actually planned Pet Rock concert/auction this year but because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has since been cancelled. To help HSNI raise the needed funds, they are now looking for musicians who would like to share their talent so they can perform live online and get donations for HSNI’s Hope’s Fund. The fund was established years ago and was named after a severely abused doggo that wanted to live and continued to show love and appreciation to the people around it despite what it went through.

Due to the Hope Fund, many doggos and other animals that have been stabbed, burned, beaten, and have gone through all the other unimaginable things have been adopted and given fur-ever homes.


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