Girls Should Be Jealous: Musician Usher Talks About His Goldendoodle In Latest Interview

A goldendoodle resting its head on a brick

American musician Usher recently got interviewed and he talked about his Goldendoodle, Scarlett. Usher does something to the doggo that women would certainly be jealous of.

– Usher has a Goldendoodle named Scarlett.
– He said that Scarlett has helped him during a lot of rough times.
– The dog is very spoiled because…

Accordingly, Usher loves showering Scarlett with his kisses. The 40-year-old noted that he loves his doggo so much and looks up to her. He even labeled the doggo as his role dog because during some of his “hardest time, she is always there with me.” The doggo not only helps Usher go through the setbacks he faces but the dog also reportedly taught the two sons of the singer unconditional love.

Usher also shared that he spoils the doggo a lot. He also lets the doggo fall asleep in his arms whenever she feels like it.


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