Musician Is Oblivious After Partially Blind Teenager Was Not Allowed To Bring Her Guide Doggo At A Music Festival

A guide dog with a blind woman

Former “X Factor” contestant and musician Lucy Spraggan is oblivious that apartially-blind teenager named Kali Holder was not allowed to have her guide dog with her during a concert.

– A teen took her guide dog with her at a concert.
– The security team asked her to leave her guide dog at the office.
– They later allowed her to bring the guide dog with her but…

The security team at the O2 Institute in Birmingham invited Holder and her dog for a talk and was eventually told that for the teen to see Spraggan’s gig, she has to leave her guide dog at the office. The teen shared that the security team “pointed me in a general direction where to go” but she could not see well in the dark. She said she later told the security team that she felt really unsafe so she was made to sign a waiver that the management is not responsible about any incident from that point on.


Spraggan said that the teen had a legal right to take her guide dog with her. An investigation is ongoing regarding the issue.

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