Musician Gets Mauled By Doggo After Gig – Is He Okay Now?

A musician was mauled by a dog

A doggo attacked a musician after the latter’s gig. The man underwent emergency facial surgery after the serious injuries he received from the mauling.

A musician was attacked by a dog.
– The musician was on a cigarette break when he saw the doggo and decided to be friendly with it.
– The dog then mauled the musician so he underwent…

The musician was playing in Aberdeen and was identified as 30-year-old Craig John Davidson. He was at Spin records when the dog, reportedly a pit bull type, attacked him. The musician received 18 stitches after the dog attack. Accordingly, the musician was on a cigarette break when he saw the dog. He bent down and said hello to the doggo when the dog started attacking the man.


The musician fears that the dog attack will hinder his career because of how he looks now. He pointed out that it will be difficult for him to appear at promotional events. An investigation has started regarding the dog attack.

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