Musician Bella Thorne Talks About Music During Latest Interview With Her Dog In Tow

An Australian Shepherd

Bella Thorne was recently interviewed by Billboard regarding her new music and her plans for 2019. During the interview, she sat down with her sister and their doggo named Tampon.

Bella Thorne received backlash last year for naming her dog Tampon.
– The dog is an Australian Shepherd.
– The dog was with Thorne during her latest interview.

Thorne was criticized in the past for the name she gave her doggo, an Australian Shepherd. Thorne revealed her doggo’s name last December and one said that it was distasteful for Thorne to name her doggo as such. She then clapped back and asked when did a tampon become a bad thing. She further explained that tampons or periods are not negative and a tampon is actually a good things because it helps women who have menstruation.

As for her career, Thorne revealed in her latest interview that she plans to still focus on both acting and music this year. Next year, however, is dedicated to music. She and her sister have a record label called Filthy Fangs.


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