Musician Avicii Didn’t Just Leave His Family Behind – He Also Left His Furry Friend Liam

Dog of Avicii

DJ and musician Avicii died suddenly at the age of 28. Aside from his family, Avicii also left behind his doggo, Liam.

– Musician and DJ Avicii died recently.
– Avicii had a dog named Liam.
– It is unclear who is taking care of the doggo now.

The musician, whose real name is Tim Bergling, was found dead in Oman last April 20. Avicii has posted photos of him with his dog or sometimes just snaps of his furry best friend on Instagram. Avicii’s dog just turned one on November. Many fans of Avicii posted comments on Instagram asking who is now taking care of his dog and that his dog will never understand why the musician never came home from his trip to Oman.


His family recently arrived in Oman to know more about the artist’s death. It was revealed by those who conducted postmortems on the body of the musician that there is no criminal suspicion regarding his death. The musician’s cause of death, however, remains unknown.

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