Did Musician Aaron Carter Try To Sell His Dog So He Could Get Some Money?

An English bulldog on the grass

Musician Aaron Carter hasn’t been on the music scene for quite a time already and rumors started spreading recently claiming that the singer wanted to sell his dog because he needed some money. The singer released a statement regarding the matter.

– Musician Aaron Carter joked about selling his new rescue dog, an English bulldog.
– Many people voiced their concerns to Lancaster Animal Care Center.
– Carter took to Twitter to set the record straight by saying…

According to reports, Carter tried to sell his rescue doggo for $3,500. In his statement, he said that he was only joking after he posted about selling his doggo on his Instagram account. The dog is an English bulldog. Carter adopted the dog from Lancaster Animal Care Center. After a video went up on his Instagram, many people messaged the center about the matter.


In a statement on Twitter, Carter shared that he rescued many dogs and found homes for other doggos in the past. He added, “Find one dog that I adopted and sold for money, be my guest.”

Read more of the musician’s statement here – http://www.music-news.com

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