A Musical Weather Lesson Taught By A Dog? That Must Have Been Awesome!

A Yorkshire Terrier

In Staten Island, New York, students from PS 30 were able to enjoy a musical weather lesson taught by a doggo and his owner. They talked about meteorology and the weather through a sing-along.

– A celebrity doggo is used to help children learn about the weather, music, literacy, and more.
– The dog is called Schmitty The Weather Dog.
– The dog owner and the author of a book based on Schmitty have gone to more than 200 schools to…

Meteorologist Ron Trotta is the dog owner and he visited the school together with the author of “Schmitty The Weather Dog: Daydream.” The Yorkshire terrier is quite a famous pup as he is the basis of the book and has appeared on TV shows like “The Ellen Show.” Both Trotta and the author have already brought Schmitty The Weather Dog Science Sing-Along Show to over 200 schools.

Aside from the weather, the trio also teach kids about literacy, music, positivity, and interaction.


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