Musical ‘THE PERFECT DOG’ Centers On A Family Dog Who Does Not Like To…

A Welsh Terrier at a dog show

Laguna Playhouse will be presenting a musical called “THE PERFECT DOG.” The muysical was produced by Youth Theatre Production.

– A musical called “THE PERFECT DOG” will be shown at Laguna Playhouse.
– The musical is based on the book by John O’Hurley of the same name.
– The musical centers on the story of a perfectionist who…

The musical was actually based on the book of John O’Hurley of the same name. The musical centers on a twelve-year-old perfectionist who searches for the perfect doggo that will join the town’s dog contest. The main character, however, cannot find the flawless and perfect dog so the human decides to train one. The dog is actually their family doggo named Max but the doggo is not very happy about the training.

If you want to know how the musical ends, you should go and watch it at the Laguna Payhouse in Laguna Beach from January 17 to 19, 2020. The tickets range from $18 to $28 and they can be purchased online or through a phone call.


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