Doggo Trained To Go To Space? That’s What You’ll See When You Watch This Music Video

A relaxed brown dog

The Chemical Brothers, an electronic duo, recently released a music video for their single “We’ve Got To Try.” The music video’s plot centered around a stray doggo that was trained to go to space.

– The Chemical Brothers released a new music video.
– The plot of the music video centers on a doggo.
– The stray doggo was eventually taught how to…

Per the music video, a woman found the dog in a dark alley. She then took the dog to a group of scientists who later taught the dog how to fly a plane. The dog had a mission but he decided to go to Dog Planet where other dogs were eager to know his story.


Fans are thrilled to see the music video and they have been commenting positively on the adorable doggo. It is unclear who is the real owner of the doggo in the video and how did The Chemical Brothers discover the cute pooch.

See the video from Kelly Tucker’s amazing story at –

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