Music Used During Police Dog Training? Handlers Explain How This Works

Police dogs

Police dog training could be really difficult. The police dog handlers revealed some of the trainings they let the dogs undergo including one where dogs listen to really loud music.

Police dogs and their handlers were part of a three-day training.
– The training involved dogs being deployed to high-stress environments.
– Doggos were placed in dark basements with loud music playing and…

Forty-five teams of police dogs and their handlers were part of the three-day seminar regarding stressful environments that dogs could be deployed to. The high-stress deployments include situations where police dogs may be taken to buildings to search for something, vehicle stops, and more. The three-day seminar then included instances where police dogs were taken to a dark basement and loud music was played. People also made noise while in the dark basement. Another exercise included a person throwing debris on the doggos.

Police dog handlers said that the simulation was something that dogs could experience again once they are done with their training.


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