This Music Teacher Decided To Do Something Amazing For An 11-Year-Old Who Needs A…

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A music teacher in Cleveland set a new goal: to raise funds for an 11-year-old student. The student needs the money to get a service dog.

– A music teacher is helping one of his students.
– The goal is to raise money for the student’s service doggo.
– They need a total of…

The music teacher, identified as Dave Deitke, loves to share the gift of music with his students. He works with students at Insightful Minds, which is a school that caters to students who struggle in a traditional setting. He said that the 11-year-old student, Diego, who needs the service dog, took interest in the guitar when he first had him in his class. Diego needs a service dog because he has autism, ADHD, depression, and severe anxiety.

The family of Diego was already raising money to get him a service dog. So, Deitke decided he should help. He shared in a statement, “I’ve spent the last 10 years playing music and being creative in the Cleveland music scene and I can wrangle up a bunch of people to spread the word.” Now, there will be 16 local bands playing for a week and the concerts will be streamed.


The goal is to raise a total of $9,000.

If you want to donate and listen to the bands play, know more of the details from the amazing story by Jessi Schultz at –

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