A Music Teacher From This Australian City Gets Help From Her Guide Dog To Continue Teaching Students, Do More

A guide dog with a blind woman

A blind woman never thought that her visual impairment would stop her from doing what she loves – to teach music to students at a city in Australia. She got a guide dog in order to help her fulfill the thing she loves most to do.

Guide dogs are used by blind people.
– A music teacher uses a guide dog to get help.
– She recently used her guide dog in order to join the…

The teacher from Bluff Point Primary School, Pat Molseed, lost her sight 35 years ago. The music teacher has since used guide dogs to help her with her day-to-day activities. Aside from bringing her eight-year-old doggo to work, she also used her doggo to guide her at the HBF Run for Reason in Perth over the weekend.


Molseed and other blind individuals who use guide dogs joined the run noting that they hope people will see the benefits of using such. They pointed out that guide doggos are best companions for visually impaired people so they can still be independent.

Read the detailed story by Adam Poulsen here – https://thewest.com.au/news/

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