Music-Related Events, Dog Shows Raise Funds For…

A Welsh Terrier at a dog show

The Tiverton Rotary Club got a lot of help in order to raise funds for a charity. Over the summer, there were music-related events and dog shows so that money can be raised for Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT).

– DAAT received a donation.
– The donation was headed by Tiverton Rotary Club.
– Music-related events and dog shows contributed to the…

According to reports, the cheque given to DAAT had a total of £3570. £1,800 came from a concert at a church by the Wyndham Singers and In Harmony trio. Another £750 came from Barclays Bank and a dog show. The Tiverton Rotary Club then added another £1,000 to complete the donation.

DAAT operates in South West England and they recently introduced night flying into their operations. DAAT has two air ambulances and each operation costs them an estimate of more than £3,000. The charity has an annual current budget of £5.3 million but DAAT is expecting that their operations will amount to a total of £7 million thus the need for the donation.


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