Music Mogul Simon Cowell Was At A Dog Charity Event With His Girlfriend, Son

A spaniel dog

Music mogul Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman were at a dog charity event over the weekend. They were also with their five-year-old son at the event.

– Music mogul Simon Cowell attended a dog charity event.
– He was with his girlfriend and their son.
– Cowell donated a total of…

Cowell is known as a dog lover so it is no surprise that he went to this event with his family. The event is called K9 Friends dog charity event and it was held at the Royal Westmoreland hotel. Accordingly, Cowell donated £190,000 out of his own pocket at the dog charity event. At the event, Cowell and his son were photographed petting one of the doggos from K9 Friends.

Cowell has three doggos named Diddly, Freddy, and Squiddly. Last year, Cowell shared that he wanted to have them cloned. He will be using a South Korean company for the process.


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