Music Does Not Only Positively Affect Dogs, Music Also Has Good Impact To Other Animals

Dog listening to music

Music can do wonders not only to humans but also to animals. There have been studies in the past proving that classical music, soft rock, and reggae are the best music genres that doggos can listen to whenever they are anxious. Music, however, is not only great for dogs but also to other animals.

– Music helps dogs to calm down.
– A special type of music made just for cats have also been proven to help cats relax.
– Cows produce more milk whenever they listen to relaxing music.

The main benefit of music to dogs is that music helps these fur babies relax. Music is best played whenever they are alone or when there are stressors like the sound of fireworks, a thunderstorm, being at a shelter, being at the vet, and the like. As for cats, they don’t really like music that humans and dogs listen to but experts have come up with their own type of music. It has tempos and frequencies that are similar to how cats communicate. This music is said to be enjoyed by younger and older cats as opposed to middle-aged cats.

Another animal that music helps out are the cows. Accordingly, when they listen to relaxing music, they produce more milk.


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