Another Music Festival Would Be Swarming With Police Dogs

Police dogs

The presence of police sniffer dogs will be seen at a music festival called Splendor In The Grass. The music festival will last for three days.

A three-day music festival is taking place at New South Wales.
– Police dogs will be deployed in the area.
– People who will be flagged because of police doggos will not be denied entry as long as…

Police from New South Wales said that there will be a specialist command support, which includes drug detection dogs during their three-day operation. The announcement has been talked about because of the recent problem with drug detecting doggos at an earlier held music festival. Police said that they will not turn away those people who do not have drugs on them.


Aside from police doggos detecting whether or not a person tries to smuggle some drugs inside the music festival venue, police will also detain fence jumpers or those who do not have tickets to get inside.

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