Music Festival Goers Beware: Police Dogs Will Be There And If They Block You, You Won’t Be Able To…

A police dog with his handler

People in Sydney will be enjoying a lot of music festivals these coming weeks and police doggos will be there. Drug sniffing dogs will reportedly have a say as to who can go in and who cannot at one specific music festival.

Drug sniffing dogs will be present at the Above and Beyond music festival.
– Police dogs will determine who may go in and who may not.
– Many are saying this is…

According to reports, if a person during the Above and Beyond music festival is stopped by a sniffer dog, the person will no longer be allowed to go in even if no drugs will be found on the individual. Many have criticized the move saying that it is an abuse of power.

Also, it would be unfair for music festival goers not to be allowed at an event they paid hundreds of dollars for just because a police dog said so. Accordingly, in the 42,000 sniffer dog searches from the years 2014 through 2017 in the area, 59% were false positives.


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