Music Festival That Is Open To Dogs, Deaf People Will Be Held This May

A music festival where dogs are welcome

A music festival just made something impossible possible – a concert that will allow deaf people and their hearing dogs to attend. This is happening in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire this May!

– A music festival will take place in Buckinghamshire.
– Dogs and deaf people are welcome.
– There will be a dog activity area and sellers of dog…

The music festival will be held at the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Two bands will be featured to entertain the music festival-goers and there will be attractions and rides that kids and kids at heart will enjoy. As for the doggos, a dog activity area and a trade fair involving dog accessory sellers will be available at the SubWoofers music festival. Interpreters and speech-to-text displays are also the highlights of the music festival to aid deaf people who will be attending.

The tickets are sold at £15 for adults, £10 for concessions, £5 for children aged five to 16. Those who are under five years old are free of charge.


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