Another Music Was Created To Calm Doggos – This Time, It is From The Country Of…

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Because of the many researches saying that dogs could calm down and become less stressed when they listen to music, more are getting interested on making their own music that would fit this purpose.

Music calms dogs.
– A new album was made by John McLaughlin together with the Scottish SPCA.
– Dogs who have heard of McLaughlin’s music have already…

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) just announced that they came up with an album to help doggos. The music was composed by John McLaughlin and he teamed up with the Scottish SPCA to come up with the album called “Paws, Play, Relax.” McLaughlin said that he loved the idea about coming up with an album for dogs that is why he agreed to get involved.


The head of the Scottish SPCA’s Research and Policy said that the teams and the shelters under them are already listening to the songs for doggos. The employees enjoy it and the doggos have reacted positively to it. They reportedly bark less now and spend more time lying down in their kennels.

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