In Music City, This Abandoned Police Dog’s Dreams Came True

A police dog with his handler

In Nashville, Tennessee, which is dubbed as the Music City, a police dog that was abandoned by its handler had his dreams come true. He was adopted and is now living in retirement.

– A police dog was abandoned.
– The dog was taken to a shelter in Mississippi.
– The person who trained him to be a drug detection dog decided to…

The doggo worked with the Jackson Police Department for almost a decade. He was rescued from a shelter in Georgia and when he showed skills of a drug detection dog, he underwent training with Randy Hare’s training facility in Mississippi. After the dog retired as a police dog, the handler took the dog to a shelter. Hare knew about it and immediately went to adopt the doggo. Hare said, “With the way he actually started—being close to death, and the way he was kind of abandoned in this, we’re not going to let that happen again.” Later, Hare took the dog to Nashville and they opened Alpha K-9 Training Center.

Now, the then-abandoned doggo live his best life. He plays with toys, he watches the television, and supervises training sessions.


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