Does Music Alter A Dog’s Behavior?

Dog listening to a boy play an instrument

Humans get affected with what type of music they hear. Dogs, on the other hand, could exhibit changes in behavior depending on what type of music is played on the background.

– Dogs react to different kinds of music.
– Classical music calms them.
– Heavy metal makes them anxious and agitated.

One psychologist with Queens University said that she played different types of music in an animal shelter. After playing classical music, she saw that the dogs benefited very well from it because they were more relaxed and calm. If you are at home, you can try to use classical music to help your doggo especially when there are thunderstorms or if there are other loud noises in the area. On the other hand, when heavy metal was played, dogs became anxious.


In another study, songs with woodwind instruments will make your doggo howl because it reminds your dog of such form of communication between him and his doggy friends.

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