More Dog Music Websites


WooFTunes has our entire catalog of Dog Related Music content. 

But, we also have websites that feature specific interests.  Check them out!

Want to have a Dog party and listen to Dog related music or play music videos on your big screen, check out WoofEDM! Perfect for Dog Birthday Parties and Partying Dog Lovers Everywhere!!


Music and videos to relax your dog, help him/her sleep, or keep them company while you are away.  Check out WooFDreams:

We not only have our own Music Label, we have our our online Music Magazine complete with Dog related classic rock and todays biggest hits.  Roll over to the Rolling Bone and rock out:

An entire Network of nothing but Dog Radio Stations. From Original Music about Dogs, to classics, parodies, comedy, and Music actually for Dogs to Listen. You’ve NEVER heard anything like this anywhere!!


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