Miranda Lambert has A Special Way To Discipline Her Rescue Dogs

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Dogs are very difficult to train because it takes a lot of dedication and time. Miranda Lambert, who loves dogs and supports a lot of rescue centers and shelters, is no different. She revealed in a recent interview her special way of disciplining her doggos.

– Miranda Lambert was recently interviewed.
– She talked about all her ten dogs.
– She revealed that she has a special trick to discipline them.

Lambert was at a recent event for country radio broadcasters in Nashville and she sat down for an interview. She shared that she has ten adopted doggos namely Bellamy Brother, Cher, Dawn, Delta, J.D., Jessi, Louise, Thelma, and Waylon. She has two golden retrievers, three Great Pyrenees, and the others’ breeds could not be determined. The latest adopted doggo was named Roe and she got him last year. Roe is already 10 years old and has no teeth but she loves him anyway.

The doggos have been a lot of strangers and she said that they are always on their best paw forward. She said that her secret is she gives them the “mom” look or the “talkin’-in-church” look.


Lambert has a charitable organization called MuttNation, which she built with her mother.

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