Miley Cyrus Releases Song For Her Doggo Mary Jane That Recently…

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Singer Miley Cyrus just released a new song for her dog Mary Jane. The doggo died because of its long-standing battle with cancer.

– Miley Cyrus released a new song.
– The song is called “Mary Jane 5EVR.”
– Cyrus said that she wrote the song…

The dong was actually written by Cyrus when she still lived in Malibu. It was never released and she decided to let the public listen to it now that the dog is already gone. The song is called “Mary Jane 5EVR” and was really written for the doggo.

In the caption of the post on her Instagram, Cyrus shared, “A lot has changed over time. Mostly me. Music is my medicine, This song revolves around loss & heartache. Which I am currently experiencing after Mary Jane’s passing.  MJ was a true queen. She wore her grace, dignity & kindness like a crown. She will never be forgotten and will forever be missed. To know her is to love her. It has been my honor being her mom and best friend.”


In an earlier post, Cyrus said that Mary Jane has been through a lot with Cyrus which is why they have an incomparable love.

Listen to the tear-jerking story by Lauren Rearick at –

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