Great Turnout! Thousands Of Dogs Join The Mighty Texas Dog Walk This Year

A dog being walked during a parade

In Austin, Texas, a huge event for doggo took place over the weekend. The event is called The Mighty Texas Dog Walk and this year, thousands of doggos joined the march.

– Thousands of dogs joined The Mighty Texas Dog Walk this year.
– There was live music and a lot of activities.
– They even broke the world record for…

The Mighty Texas Dog Walk this year is the 20th year that the annual event has taken place. There were a lot of events not only for the dogs but also for the whole family. There was live music, a costume contest, and many activities in order to raise funds for doggos that need to be adopted.


The founder of The Mighty Texas Dog Walk, Service Dogs Inc., said that they broke the Guinness World Record again as they have produced the biggest group photo of people and their dogs. The previous holder was in Los Angeles with 108 dogs. This year, however, The Mighty Texas Dog Walk broke the record with more than a thousand dogs.

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