Middle Tennessee – They Have A LOT Of Events For Your Doggo Lined Up For September, October

Doggos at an event

Despite fall being just weeks away, there are still a lot of dog-friendly events happening in Middle Tennessee. Read all about the details below.

There are a lot of dog-friendly events for fall in Tennessee.
– One is the 2018 Dog Festival.
– Another is the Wags N Waves at…

First is the 2018 Dog Festival on September 15. It will be at the Centennial Park in Nashville. Dogs, dog owners, and dog lovers are encouraged to be at the event from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. There will be a dog parade, a costume contest, training classes, demonstrations, and many more. There will also be live music adding to the many things that will be enjoyed during that day. On September 22, you could choose to take your dog at the Wags N Waves at Nashville Shores or at Sports Com’s Puppy Plunge at Murfreesboro.


On September 29, Thompson’s Station Dog & Pony Show will be at Sarah Benson Park. There will be live music, a costume contest, and an area for kiddos.

To know more about these events, read the thorough article by Heather Listhartke at – https://williamsonsource.com/

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