In Miami, There’s An Event Called ‘Yappie Hour’ And It’s For Dogs And Dog People

A corgi on the beach

Miami’s “Yappie Hour” event is also dubbed as “Vodka For Dog People Festival.” Dog owners can take their doggos with them while they enjoy drinking, listening to music, and just hanging out by the beach.

– The annual “Yappie Hour” in Miami will take place on February 23.
– There will be alcohol, music, dog treat and dog toys vendors.
– Dogs will not be charged if their owner will go to the event.

Katie Lee will be hosting the “Yappie Hour.” Lee is from the show “The Kitchen” on Food Network Channel. The event will be on February 23 from 4 P.M. through 6:30 P.M. at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. This annual event is an outdoor happening that offers a great time not only for humans but also for dogs. There are dog toys and dog treat vendors, socializing with other doggos, and other dog-friendly activities.

Tickets are at $75 each for adults while it’s $30 for kids. Dogs will not be charged.


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