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Chase is engaging his senses to absorb the moment
Chase is engaging his senses to absorb the moment

PAWSe (pause) refers to the time we all NEED to unwind, relax, and distress ourselves. At these important times our bodies can HEAL and our minds can EMPTY to rejuvenate ourselves to Live and Propel our Lives to the fullest extent. Animals are very aware of the importance to PAWSe (pause)  just watch them as they absorb a moment outside listening, observing, and smelling their surroundings. In our modern day world it is increasingly challenging for us humans and even our Dogs to find the proper ways to release the tension that can plague us. Meditation offers a way to do this. Through my Martial Arts experience and many of years studying Meditation I have learned the benefits and many ways to Meditate. Realizing this importance, I have created my WooFDreams Meditation Music Series. This is to comfort our Dogs to achieve their maximum tranquility and for them to get in on the stress release that can be achieved in the right environment. You can find out more on my AllDogZen Website by clicking here.

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