Dogs Will Not Only Help Patients But Will Also Be Helping Physicians, Other Medical Providers During “Puppy Breaks”

A doctor petting a doggo

There have been a lot of programs involving doggos helping patients in hospitals. A program recently wrapped up and it was done in order to help physicians, nurses, and other medical providers to destress.

– Dogs help patients.
– Now, dogs also help medical providers.
– A study was launched in 2016 at the…

The program was launched at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and once a month, physicians, nurses, and other staff at the hospital spend time with therapy dogs. The program called Pet Pause pertains to “puppy breaks” and its main goal is to reduce the stress levels of these medical providers because being the hospital is a high-pressure work environment.

The study began in 2016 and was wrapped up in September this year. Researchers said that petting doggos indeed had a positive impact on the medical providers. Per the data, the stress level of the group was 4.75, 10 being the highest. When they came back from the puppy break, the stress levels averaged to 3.25.


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