This Year’s Marymass Festivities Will Be Held Online – Will You Be Watching?

Doggos at a dog show

Marymass 2020 cannot push through with its physical events but the activities will still take place. However, it will be virtual.

– Marymass festivities this year will take place virtually.
– Dogs shows and live music will be done online.
– Many singers and performers are thankful that…

Accordingly, there will be live music played online and dog shows. One of the organizers shared that it is difficult to shift virtually but “it’s about keeping the festival alive and keeping it current” and it is also a great time to test out some of their ideas for Marymass 2021. Some of the activities will be pre-recorded in order to have a safe and healthy event.

One of the performers said that since the pandemic, musicians have also been hit hard. Now that live music being played online is possible, they are very happy they are getting involved.  Another singer shared, “I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase what our community has to offer and give local talent a platform to put themselves out there and bring entertainment in these uncertain times.”


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