Two Dogs Get Married In Chicago And There Was Music, Adoptable Doggos At The Extravagant Event

Two big dogs

Two dogs got married in Chicago a few days ago. There was music and adoptable doggos during the event.

– Two dogs got married in Chicago.
– There was live music and an open bar.
– The event was also a fundraising event to help…

The dogs met sometime in February at a fundraiser event. Accordingly, the pup parents were the ones who arranged their marriage. The furry marriage was actually a fundraising event for Alive Rescue and the Hot Mess Express, the rescue organization that saved the doggos that got married. Aside from live music, adoption, and a silent auction. The music was provided for by a live band and there was an open bar as well.

Alive Rescue is a nonprofit organization that takes in animals from shelters with high euthanasia rates. One of the dogs that got married was hit by a car and was set to be euthanized.


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