Man Makes His Wishes Come True – To Be A Musician And A Dog Trainer

A man training a dog

A man named Tom Dixon has been living the life as a musician. All the traveling, however, took a toll on his health so he decided to pursue another dream job – to be a dog trainer.

– A musician is able to fulfill his second dream job.
– He is now a dog training.
– He is with A+ Canine Performance and…

The musician shared that years ago, he went through a canine obedience training with his doggo. After the training, his dog followed all his orders and he thought he might be great at dog training. He noted that dog training was his biggest fantasy because he didn’t think it was a serious job since it seemed more of like a hobby than a source of income.

Dixon still plays music but he is spending most of his time with A+ Canine Performance, dog training company. He shared of how he still makes music despite his new job, “I’m still able to write and play music, in fact, I’m on my own schedule and I can plan tours around this.”


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