Man Decided To Buy An Apartment So He Could Keep His Dog

A miniature goldendoodle

A man named Mitch Leff was happily living at the Upper East Side and decided to get a doggo. However, he did not know that the apartment he was staying at did not allow tenants to have a dog. Would he be able to keep his dog by his side?

– A man adopted a dog.
– He later learned he was not allowed to have one at his apartment.
– He then decided to…

Leff shared that on the day he took his doggo home, a rescue dog named Mazel, a miniature goldendoodle, the doggo started barking. His neighbors were complaining and that’s when he was told he could not keep his doggo. Leff did not want to lose the dog so he decided to buy a unit at a condominium that was dog-friendly.

Leff revealed that his new home also offers lots of room for his doggo to run around. The dog is now living happily with her human and still barks when the doorbell rings, when people pass by the hall way, and sleeps whenever classical music is played in the background.


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