Lutterworth Dog Fest Saw Lots Of Participants This Year – Know What Took Place During The Event

A dog and its owner at an event

The turnout for this year’s Lutterworth Dog Fest was amazing because more than a thousand visitors – composed of doggos, dog owners, and dog lovers – took part of the dog-friendly event. This is an annual event in the England town and this is the third year.

Dogs and dog owners took part of this year’s Lutterworth Dog Fest.
– The event is on its third year.
– The money from the event are given to dog charities like…

This year, the event raised more than £5,000 and it will be given to the dog-related charities that the organizers have chosen. Aside from the local charities, a portion of the proceeds was given to Medical Detection Dogs, the charity that helps provide medical support to furry best friends. Medical Detection Dogs is also currently helping in the development of providing cancer screening to dogs in the area.

During the event, there was music, different dog activities, and competitions such as the Best Junior Handler and the Best Sausage Catcher.


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