Aside From His Love For Dogs, Music, The Creator Of Petflix Did This Platform Because Of A Stressed Dog

A relaxed brown dog

The owner and creator of Petflix loved music and doggos so much that is why he created this platform. However, another reason that he recently revealed as to why he started this business was because of a stressed dog.

– A man who wanted to venture into the music industry took a different path.
– His business partner had a very stressed out dog and they wanted to look into how music can calm the animal.
– They did their research and formulated some calming music paired with…

According to the hiphop lover, Amman Ahmed, he wanted to make it big in the music industry, but he decided to turn his passion into something else. He was inspired to do “Relax My Dog” and “Relax My Cat” streaming services because of his friend’s doggo. He shared that when he was about to venture into the music industry, he advertised online to find someone with music production experience. He found Ricardo Henriquez, who is now his business partner, and they talked about the stressed out doggo of the latter. They then researched about ways of soothing the doggo and discovered that they loved calming music and videos showing nature. Ahmed continued, “It sounds wacky, but it worked. Rocky would relax and fall asleep within minutes.”

They started putting some of their work on YouTube and got positive feedbacks from pet owners saying that it worked. The music that Ahmed designed for these platforms are calming and are dedicated to help animals combat their stress or calm their nerves. The music also comes with videos showing beautiful sceneries.


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