Musician Starts Dog Business During The Pandemic – Would You Want To Avail Of Her Services?

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A local musician from Scranton named Katie Evans lost a lot of gigs because of the pandemic brought about by the coronavirus. She then decided that she should use the skills she acquired from working at PetSmart for the past months to start her own business.

– A local musician started a new business.
– She is now training doggos and offering other services that are dog-related.
– She used her experiences at PetSmart in order to…

Evans used to work for PetSmart as a dog trainer for the past 18 months but because PetSmart closed, she had the idea of using her experiences to start a business working with doggos. The business is to go to the homes of dog owners and train their doggos there since it’s difficult to be out and about nowadays.

Evans pointed out that during her time at PetSmart, she taught puppies and even older doggos. She also handled doggos with behavioral issues. She noted, “A lot of times people get a dog and don’t realize how much work it would be, especially if they had a bad past. It’s externally rewarding when a dog ends up staying with the family instead of returned and possibly euthanized. Every dog is trainable with patience and consistency.”


Aside from training doggos, Evans can also assist with attention or impulse control, leash walking, pet sitting, and dog walking. During her visit to her client’s home, she also brings her one-year-old mini Australian shepherd named Willow. Evans said the doggo helps her with her business.

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