Local Businesses And Tattoo Artists Work Together To Host Fundraising Event To Help Shelter Doggos

Dogs at a shelter

Local businesses and tattoo artists in Montana came together to host a fundraising event for the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. The artists and the businesses donated their time, efforts, drinks, food, and music for the successful event.

– Local businesses and tattoo artists in Montana worked together to start a fundraising event.
– The proceeds will be given directly to Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter.
– The owner of the tattoo shop that organized the fundraising event said that…

All of the proceeds that came from the fundraising event will go directly to the shelter. Aside from the food, drinks, music, and the tattooing, there were also raffles to make the event more exciting.

The tattoo artists were from Gold Thorn Tattoo. They opened just months ago and they wanted to give their shop more exposure. Gold Thorn Manager Chloe Wagner shared, “We’ve been trying to get a lot of exposure, and a good way to do that is to also contribute to the community here. We really wanted to help someone out with a fundraiser, and we thought of Heart of the Valley because we love animals.”


The owner of the tattoo shop, Auzzy Kanouse, said that he chose to help the shelter because he grew up with rescue animals when he was still in Seattle. His dog, Jax, is also allowed at the tattoo shop to help greet the customers.

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