Would You Do This For Anyone Feeling Down About Their Doggo? This Local Band Is Awesome At…

A photo showing a Goldendoodle

A local band from Hilton Head Island in South Carolina was supposed to practice recently. However, their drummer was feeling down in the dumps.

– A drummer was having a difficult time deciding on whether or not to let his doggo go.
– The dog was sick and it was best to put him down.
– However, before putting him down, the drummer’s band decided to…

Accordingly, the drummer was sad over his 11-year-old doggo, a goldendoodle. The doggo was sick and minutes before their performance at a local establishment called Tiki Hut, they talked about what to do since their drummer was contemplating on whether or not to put the dog down. They pushed through with their gig but after the event, they came up with a plan in order to help their drummer. The dog has been a staple at their recording studio and was even dubbed as a little Buddha because he melts the tension and stress that any of the band members is feeling.


They decided it was best for the dog to just enjoy the remaining days of its life. When the time came to say goodbye, a veterinarian put the dog down.

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