People Who Wanted To Listen To Live Music And Help Adoptable Doggos Went To…

Adoption of dogs

Over the weekend, specifically last Sunday, people who wanted to listen to music and help adoptable doggos went to Mohawk Honda. The organization hosted its second adoption clinic for this year.

– Over the weekend, Mohawk Honda held their adoption clinic.
– This is the second adoption clinic by the same organization this year.
– The event had live music, food, refreshments, vendors, and many more.

At the event, there were a lot of shelters and organizations that have taken some of their adoptable doggos with them. Before the event, one of the available rescue dogs appeared on the news to encourage people to adopt and not to shop. During the event there were around 100 cats, dogs, birds, and other animals that were up for adoption. It is unclear how many have been given fur-ever homes.


There were food, drinks, services for pets, vendors, and live music at the event. People who went there also helped with the donations by giving some funds for pet food, pet crates, liter boxes, water and food dishes, and many more.

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