Is Listening To The Radio Great For Your Doggo? Expert Says…

A dog listening to music

Listening to music is great for dogs because they get calmer and less anxious. However, is it okay to let your doggo listen to the radio? An expert weighs in on the matter.

– Listening to music is good for dogs.
– They are advised to listen to the radio, too, provided that there isn’t much talking.
– Also, it is best to let dogs listen to reggae and soft rock if you want them to…

Dog behavioral expert Sharon Jennings said in an interview that it is okay to play music or let your doggo listen to the radio. What she does not advice, however, is if you will turn on the radio and there’s “too much human voice in it.” If you will turn the radio on, be sure that there is less talk and more music.

Aside from that, Jennings reiterated that dogs do love music but they love listening to reggae and soft rock. Accordingly, a study called “The Effect Of Different Genres Of Music On The Stress Levels Of Kennelled Dogs” found out that dogs were calmer when they listened to soft rock and reggae as compared to when they listened to Motown, Pop, and Classical music.


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