Here’s A List Of Your Favorite Country Music Singers And Their Beloved Doggos

Two big dogs

A lot of country music singers have doggos in their lives. Here is an almost complete list of your favorite country music singers and the doggos that they have.

– Country music singers have doggos.
– Luke Bryan and his dog Choc are always on Instagram.
– Miranda Lambert has a total of seven doggos.

One of the most adorable fur parent and fur baby duo in the country music scene are Luke Bryan and his dog, Choc. His Instagram is full of photos of his family and their doggo. Another is Miranda Lambert, who is well-known in the dog-loving community. She has a total of seven dogs and continues to help adoptable dogs to get adopted.

RaeLynn is known to have a diabetes alert dog named Jazz. The country music singer has type 1 diabetes and whenever her sugar levels get too high, her dog is there to alert anyone. Carrie Underwood also continues to post photos of her doggos, Ace and Penny even If she already has a human baby.


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