Lion Follows Woman, Doggo – Woman Does Something Unexpected And Saves Their Lives

A photo of a hiker and her dog

A woman shared on social media that a lion followed her while she was walking her doggo. The hungry lion would have eaten both the woman and her dog but the woman did something unexpected.

– A woman was walking with her dog.
– The woman saw that a lion was stalking them.
– The woman then played a song from her phone called…

The woman revealed that she and her doggo were walking around Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They then saw the mountain lion eyeing them for lunch. Initially, the woman did other things to scare the lion off but nothing worked. The dog owner tried to yell and waved her arms but the lion did not budge.


She then thought of looking for the noisiest song on her phone to try and scare it off. The trick worked because once she blasted Metallica’s “Don’t Treat on Me,” the lion went running away.

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