Lindsay Lohan Releases New Music, Claims Her Dog Was 27 Years Old When It Died

A white Maltese dog

Actress and singer Lindsay Lohan has been busy with her music. Over the weekend, she released new music and later, she went on Instagram Live and claimed that her dog, Gucci, actually lived to be 27 years old before it died in 2013.

– Actress Lindsay Lohan had two dogs.
– One of them was named Gucci and the other was named Chloe.
– She claimed that Gucci lived to be 27 years old.

During the live video, Lohan shared that she got her first dog when she got her first pair of Gucci boots. The dog then ate the boots so she named the fur baby Gucci. She then continued to share, “And she lived till 27 years old. She was a strong little micro-mini Maltese, and yeah, that happened, God bless her.” Lohan further revealed that she also had a dog named Chloe but that dog also passed away. Now, she no longer has dogs.

It is unclear if this is true because dogs do not usually live that long. Her mother also claimed through a tweet in 2013 that Gucci was 15 years old.


More on Lohan’s music, she just dropped her first single in 15 years and it is called “Back To Me.” She said that it is a nod to her past.

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