Wow, Lewis Capaldi Is A Crowd Favorite Among Furry Friends!

Dog listening to music

Singer Lewis Capaldi is reportedly a favorite by furry friends. A research found out that Capaldi is the favorite singer of most doggos in their sample population.

– A total of 30 dogs were part of a research.
– The research was about finding the best song that makes the heart rates of doggos drop.
– The crowd favorite is Lewis Capaldi.

The Scottish singer’s voice reportedly sends doggos to sleep and makes them feel relaxed in general. According to the research conducted by Dog Friendly Retreats, they had 30 doggos hooked up to heart rate monitors and played different songs to see which of these songs make them feel less anxious. Capaldi’s songs were found to be the most effective and even beat Bob Marley’s songs.

In conclusion, the dog’s heart rates dropped by 13 percent when listening to Capaldi’s music. Capaldi’s songs include “Someone You Loved,” “Before You Go,” “Bruises,” and many more.


However, the research found out that indie music made the doggos at their happiest.

The top five consists of songs by George Ezra, Marley, Hozier, and Jessie Ware.

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